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Let us help you make the Mpact

23 July 2018

Mpact Plastics’ FMCG plant situated in Atlantis, Western Cape is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and serves a wide customer base, including many multinationals within the food, beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, household and industrial markets.


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Through its interaction with the KwaZulu Natal based plant, this ISO 9001 certified plant is able to offer an in-house service for supply of a total packaging solution that optimises quality and cost efficiency. The facility uses injection moulding, blowmoulding and injection stretch blow moulding (ISBM) technologies to produce a variety of bottles and jars with matching closures, making use of various plastics grades, including PET. This places Mpact’s Atlantis plant in a position to make use of recycled PET, branded by Mpact as Savuka (meaning revival) to aid their customers in making a positive environmental impact whilst offering the retail market innovative and high quality packaging manufactured in a cost effective manner.

By having the Mpact Plastics Innovation and Design Centre on their doorstep, they are perfectly situated to provide conceptualisation, development and design services to their customers, ensuring that the customer enjoys maximum logistical, financial, environmental and retail benefits from all products produced by Mpact Atlantis FMCG.

By making effective use of this resource and by collaborating with their customers, Mpact Atlantis FMCG places their focus on environmental issues such as lightweighting their products and continually pursuing ways in which they can produce environmentally friendly packaging products.

About Mpact

Mpact is a leading producer of rigid plastic packaging and cling film, producing a range of packaging and serving a multitude of blue-chip customers within various industries, including products for the food, beverage, personal care, homecare, pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial and retail markets.


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