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09 October 2017
Mpact Plastics Pinetown goes greener

Mpact Mpact Plastics Pinetown has turned their focus to paper recycling for the good of the communities in which they operate.

03 October 2017
Mpact takes their factories online

Mpact Following the successful launch of a series of online production DVD’s in 2013, Mpact Plastics has developed the second generation of DVD’s to help educate a vast target audience.

20 September 2017
Dual Mpact for Wadeville plant

Mpact With September heralding the onset of spring, the spotlight is firmly focused on the environment.

20 September 2017
Mpact sheds excess weight

Mpact Mpact Plastics Wadeville purchased manufacturing equipment to produce a new generation closure, known in the industry as a CSD8 closure, which is a substitute for the heavier CSD5 closure.

27 July 2017
An impactful solution

MPACT Innovation and value based product development is the forefront for most companies, but few consider how this type of development should be focused on a wider industry challenge, in order to become part of an industry solution.

15 May 2017
A new generation for Ultrazorb ® meat trays

MPACT Following the launch of the Ultrazorb® meat tray in 2012, the Mpact Versapak team further improved on this revolutionary retail product by launching the next generation Ultrazorb®. Keeping close to the market, the Mpact Versapak team identified further features to benefit their customers and the end user. Convenience in this market is at the forefront of product development.

12 April 2017
Value based product development in the ever-evolving retail market

MPACT New consumer trends are emerging continuously and the retail market is changing fast. These dynamics lead to product and service providers having to incessantly consider their offering and strive for product development and innovation.

06 April 2017
A national PET footprint

MPACT Mpact's plastic division comprises of business clusters serving various markets through the use of diverse technologies and raw materials.

24 March 2017
Mpact does its rounds for the medical industry

Mpact plastics produces a range of high-clarity PET medical round bottles aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. Available in 50ml, 100ml and 200ml sizes, these bottles constitute a holistic offering for specific market needs.

01 February 2017
Preserving wine the PET way

A number of brand owners have switched their wine packaging from glass to PET. With its multilayer technology that preserves wine for about two years without compromising quality or taste.